June 2021 Newsletter
In this issue: Cross-sell opportunities - Public & Business Auto Risks - STAKE your CLAIM!
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Cross-sell opportunities
that CIU can help you with:
  • Monoline Earthquake
  • Excess/Umbrella
  • Foodborne Illness Business Interruption
  • Workplace Violence/Active Assailant
  • Cyber Liability
  • EPLI
  • Pollution
These are just a few ways that CIU can help you round out your quotes.  Give CIU a call or email us at to ask for more info or send us a submission.
Consider sending CIU your
Public & Business Auto Risks
including the following:
  • Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
  • Buses (Church, School, Daycare, Sightseeing)
  • Food Trucks
  • Garbage Haulers
  • Mobile Medical Units
  • Pilot Vehicles
  • Contractors
  • Funeral Vehicles
  • Limos/Taxis
Let us help you STAKE your CLAIM!
Have some of your Personal Lines customers had multiple claims in the past 3-5 years which makes their business unacceptable to your standard markets guidelines?  This is a situation where CIU can assist you.  We know that you value your customer's business, but sometimes a run of bad luck can limit your options in insuring their property.  We cannot guarantee we can quote every risk, but, usually, we can underwrite to address the specific property and claim history through the form or deductible options that we can offer.  We understand that E&S rates are higher than your standard markets, but it is our goal to help you retain your customer's business until the time they are again acceptable to your companies.  Do not turn away business with multiple claims.  Send to and let us help you  STAKE YOUR CLAIM on this business.  Give us a call to see what PROSPECTS we can offer you today!  
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