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September 2021 Newsletter
Are your standard markets declining more risks?  Let your friends here at CIU look to our reputable E&S markets for a trustworthy solution. And if we cannot offer terms, we will do our best to provide a referral.  We simply cannot do what we do without your support.  To show our appreciation and support YOU, we will be randomly picking 5 submissions received between 09/20-10/20 to win a $50 Amazon gift card. Send your Commercial submissions to and Personal lines submissions to for your chance to win.  For every new business bind order submitted during that same time period, you will get a second chance to win for that same submission.  Thanks for the opportunities you send our way!
Top Garage Classes:
RV Dealers & Service/Repair
Wholesale Dealers
Franchised Motorcycle Dealer
Car Service and Repair (admitted package coming soon!)
Truck Dealers & Service/Repair
…and of course we want to look at all the others as well!
Our team is ready for your garage submissions!
Geez, it's HOT!!!!
Do you have problems placing risks with fire losses (including Total Fire Losses)???  Let CIU help!  Whether it is on a Primary, Tenant Occupied, Seasonal or Vacant Dwelling, send us a FULLY COMPLETED HO application with the information on the risk with as much detail about the loss as available, and we will try to help.  This is a submit class, but many times we are able to offer a quote.  Let our Personal Lines department help you EXTINGUISH your dilemma for a market to handle these HOT, hard to place risks!
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